Top 3 fitness training obstacles

Before focusing on the pre-natal fitness niche, I had plenty of obstacles that I would have to overcome in order to obtain a new personal training client. With the more focused pregnant mothers target market, there are even more obstacles. These are the top three that could apply to almost any market you’re trying to target for your personal/small group fitness training business.20190117_204906.jpg

  1. Building trust. This is huge. It’s hard when you first meet someone/start talking to them to build trust but I have found it helpful to ask certain questions about them in order to get them talking about themselves and their fitness goals. Asking open-ended questions is key here. Rather than asking if they want to lose pounds, ask them what or who they admire and want to look like. Almost everyone (especially millenials) have a fitness Instagram account they follow and want to look like. You’d be surprised at how many male clients I would have pull up a male fitness guru’s account to show me his goal.
  2. Find their X-factor. Trust me when I tell you that every potential client will say something close to “I want to lose X lbs” or “I want to gain X lbs of muscle” or a mixture of both. Obviously, the prenatal market is looking to stay/be healthy for baby and to shorten labor time. That’s an X factor. So for those people who just tell you they want to lose weight and/or gain muscle you have to find their why. Some examples I’ve heard include: upcoming event (i.e. wedding), want to keep up with kids or grandkids, and doctor’s orders. Find out what’s driving them to get back in shape and your job will be much easier.
  3. Financial. This is the biggest obstacle to overcome. While everyone wants to get in shape, not every has the extra cash to pay for a personal trainer 3-4 times a week. If you do a little digging, most people can give up their starbucks/fast food/alcoholic beverages to afford about 30-80 dollars a week. Finding something comfortable is important, as you don’t want them to not be able to pay their bills. But also, you don’t want them to pay too little where they don’t take you seriously. So I like to have a range where I’m comfortable getting paid. I take a few things into account. I charge less for my online clients versus my clients I physically meet at the gym. All things considered, I wouldn’t undercut myself if someone could only afford 15 or 20 dollars a week. I could still help them by writing up a generalized meal plan and workout plan for a month at a time and charge them a flat rate for that month. But it would be on the client to follow through with the workouts.

What obstacles do you see in the fitness industry? How do you overcome them?

6 thoughts on “Top 3 fitness training obstacles

  1. I have never been a “fitness buff” but since I started my healthy eating plan last July I have been exercising more steady. Not at a gym, just on my cardio bike and weights. But at 70 years old, I plan to stay healthy a bit longer.

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  2. One of the reasons I don’t have a trainer, or go to the gym is distance and money, okay that’s two. But the nearest gym to my house is a 40 mile drive. That’s eighty miles a trip. Add in the cost of gas, gym membership and a trainer and it’s out of my range. The biggest hurdle is distance, I don’t want to drive for 1 1/2 hours three times a week for fitness. YouTube, exercises I’ve done in the past, and walking are my fitness plans at the moment.

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  3. I can see how all of those are good things to keep in mind as a fitness trainer. And it’s fascinating that people would have an IG person they could show you. I keep pictures of hair color inspiration, to show a hairdresser whenever I am finally ready to start coloring my hair, so I guess that’s somewhat similar.


  4. I was never one for the gym. I do know the value of movement and do tai chi and yoga. It is powerful to help people find health and use movement for greater life quality. We all use different excuses not to workout. I think you have a great handle on it! So important to help people past their barriers!


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